I attended my first ever Election night event this past Tuesday in NYC. It was a Republican sponsored event complete with news crews, elected officials and wannabes. I’m a person of color so I knew I would stand out at this event. I’m a registered Independent who has voted both ways in previous Presidential and midterm elections. I assumed everyone would think that I am a Democrat which is the normal assumption anyway.

I must say that everyone I met was very nice to me and I was able to make small jokes with them throughout the night with relative ease. The only person to go out of their way to introduce themselves to me was another person of color. His name was Brandon. He must have felt really happy to see me since people of color typically just give a nod of the head and move on. I smirked to myself after the exchange.

As the night progressed, it became noticeable that all the bravado and big time talk of the Republicans at the start of the night was just that; talk. It became plain to see that they saw President Obama as a truly formidable “foe” and a threat to their way of life. It also became plain to see that they knew Romney had no true shot of beating him. The air in the room became really deflated really quick.

So Obama won, Republicans are truly upset as expected, the world goes on; also as expected.

During the last days of the election and after listening to political rhetoric for the umpteenth time a question formulated in my head. I am an Obama supporter and I truly feel he has done a good job of trying to steer the country in the right direction and not just from an economic perspective.

Most Republican arguments have been about the economy (and Obamacare) because those are hot button items and easy to point out for debate. Democratic responses have been that he inherited the mess because that has also been the easiest response.

What truly turned me off with the Republican rhetoric was the arrogance to think that the problem of the economy was one that would be resolved within four years mixed with the ignorance of racial overtones and the questions regarding President Obama’s nationality and their unwillingness to move beyond it.

For the record, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job of turning around the economy because that is how bad things were.

The question that formulated after months of never trying to voice my opinion to neither Democrat nor Republican was the following;

“In your opinion, when President Obama took office was the economy at rock bottom or was it still on the way down?”

I don’t know why this question popped into my head but I was a little upset that it hadn’t occurred to me sooner. At the time of this post I have asked 5 Republicans. None of them have answered the question directly except for the 5th and that was only after I brought it to his attention that like his predecessors he too had not answered my question directly. He then stated quite directly that he thought the economy was still on the way down at the time President Obama took office. I agree with him.

It’s not the first time I’ve agreed with Republicans on a topic. I think we all ultimately want the same things but have different methodologies on how to achieve it. That is the crux of the Democrat/Republican beef.

The biggest reason I liked asking the question is because the person answering it has to actually think before responding. Most Republicans do not like to give responses that will lead to them losing an argument or that will leave them in a position to be vulnerable with a counter argument. All the ones I have asked have gotten very pensive before dodging the question altogether. I think they’re scared because there is absolutely no way for them to know what my follow up is going to be or what my endgame is.

I didn’t have an endgame because until the 5th person no one had answered the question and even that person assumed that I was asking the question in order to bash President Bush.

I’ve decided that my endgame is to truly test the intelligence of the person that I am speaking to especially since the voice of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is missing a few screws.

In my opinion, when President Obama took office in 2009 the economy was still on its way down. It continued to go down not by his or anyone’s fault. I feel if a Republican was in office it would have still gone down. The laws of physics loosely tell us that an object in motion tends to stay in motion (momentum) and at object at rest tends to stay at rest (inertia). Try catching a heavy object that is dropped into your hand from a certain height. Your hand will go down a certain distance depending on the weight of the object and the height it is dropped from. The heavier the object and the higher it is dropped from the further down your hand will go when you make an attempt to catch it.

America’s economy was a dense object dropped from unimaginable heights. The way I see it POTUS saved the auto and financial industry at the expense of the national deficit. What other option was there? Let them fail? How much worse off would we have been then? I definitely would not have voted for President Obama this time around if that had been the case.

If my physics example doesn’t do it for you take a look at the length of time it is currently taking New York City, the biggest and most famous city in the entire world, to recover from Hurricane Sandy. The government, transportation companies and utility companies are doing all they can as fast as they can and it is still taking a lot longer than anyone ever anticipated. There are long lines for gas everywhere with average wait times 90 minutes up to 36 hours at certain times.

No one imagined that it would take so long to recover from this storm. That’s the way I view the economic recovery. I don’t think people really understood how bad the economy was and how much time it would truly take to recover from the damage that was caused. We live in a society where innovation consists of getting things done quicker than how we did it the year before. Economic recovery does not quite work the same way. America’s economy is dependent not only on making things better here but also on things being better around the world. America is no longer a country onto itself and this is not the 1920’s or 40’s. A war will not bring about economic recovery; just strife and more invitations for terrorist attacks.

A wise man does not argue with fools because people from a distance can’t tell who is who so the next time you want to check a person’s IQ, ask them; was the economy at rock bottom or still on its way down? Their response will tell you all you need to know.

Tonight’s drink of choice will be a shot of Tequila.

Thank God It’s Five, TGIFive.


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