I originally sought out the Nicki Minaj’s rhymes to hear the whole “I’m a Republican” line for myself but as I listened to the entire song I no longer cared about it. Lil Wayne is also on the track and he says something pretty interesting that I need clarification on because my ears may have deceived me.

Let me address Nicki’s Republican rant 1st though since I brought it up. She does say she is voting for Mitt Romney because “you lazy bitches are fucking up the economy”. If you were to also believe the BET article where I first read the line she also has issues with President Obama because she feels he needs to do more with healthcare. She’s endorsing Republicans who plan to do less for people who cannot afford healthcare. If that doesn’t tell you she’s clueless then just look at the line I quoted from the song. It’s not the lazy bitches that fucked up the economy you dingbat. It’s the banks and any number of wealthy tycoons who typically vote Republicans that did. The “lazy bitches” are mostly looking for work as you can tell by the unemployment numbers. “YOUR” party is campaigning that more jobs are needed. Why would they want more jobs if people are going to be too lazy to fill them?

Now on to this Lil Wayne thing. I’ve joked privately among friends that Lil Wayne or Lil Tunechi as he wants to be referred to these days earned the nickname in prison because he must’ve been the boo of someone named Big Tunechi which would explain why he says in one of his songs after his release “Tunechi is the name, don’t ask me how I got it…”. People laughed and I left it at that because in all reality I personally don’t care.

Recently I saw someone I don’t know on Facebook share that Lil Wayne was gay blah blah blah. I read the post but couldn’t bother waiting for the person to respond why they thought that way.

I’ve listened to this new track Mercy and at the 3:13 point in the song I’m pretty sure I hear(d) Lil Tunechi say “I suck dick….”. It’s possible that I missed an analogy or reference somewhere in there but maybe I didn’t. I’ve posted it for some friends of mine to listen to and they seem to agree.

If Lil Tunechi is coming out the closet; what a way to do it?! This would be even bigger than Frank Ocean’s letter. This is Real Rap Raw as Kevin Hart’s alter ego would say.

So, is it true? Take a listen and let me know.

Thank God It’s Five, TGIFive

******Update 9/5/2012**********

I consulted one of my friends and she swears that Lil Wayne is saying “Now suck a dick…..” in the song. She references his intro on the song “Pop That” where he says  “….stop talking that shit and suck a nigga dick for some trukfit…”. Again; you be the judge.


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